CD Multiplicidad


Luis Codera Puzoperiod – Multiplicidad

Multiplicidad is not intended to be a disc that offers unity of listening but, rather, conceptual unity. The disc contains five different pieces written over a period of four years – in which time my music has changed considerably – that reflect diverse visions about the concept which gives the disc its title. I therefore recommend listening to these works in isolation from one another.

The idea of the multiple, that something can contain more than a single characteristic, seems to me to be intimately linked to the idea of richness and knowledge. To know all sides of a concept is to go into it more deeply. An aesthetic model directed towards finding and manifesting the multi- faceted in what is real strikes me as the best possible antidote to a society characterised by the need for categorical single-minded affirmations, ready to be digested and repeated.




aproximación a lo indivisible (2013) for voice and ensemble
Sarah Maria Sun (voice)
Ensemble Modern conducted by Clemens Heil



kaolinite [Al2Si2O5(OH)4] quartet (2012)
for violine, viola, violoncello, double-bass
Ensemble Modern conducted by Mariano Chiacchiarini



multiplicidad y relación (2011)
alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, percussion (vibraphone, tam-tam), piano
Ensemble Recherche



oscillation ou interstice (2013)
for voice and bass recorder
UMS ‘n JIP : Javier Hagen (voice)
Ulrike Mayer-Spohn (bass recorder)



Pi (2014)
for electric guitar, trombone, double bass, Glockenspiel, modular synthesizers, live-electronics
CrossingLines Ensemble conducted by Luis Codera Puzo



A co-operation of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and col legno.

Luis Codera Puzo
col legno
WWE 1CD 40412
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014